Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Consumer Entrepreneurship. Huh?

This isn't the first time in my blogging career that I penned a clever idea like "consumer entrepreneurship" and, thinking it was my own Googled it to find, in fact, it was not. Ha! But alas, I don't want to trudge down blog history road. Instead, I want to share with you what it means to me to be a consumer entrepreneur.

I can offer a whole host of products through my new iCommerce portal. Anything you can imagine from health and nutrition products, to cosmetics, to earth-friendly cleaning products, to food and anything, I mean ANYTHING in between. Before I chose to launch this business I had to decide if I was going to be one of those people who represented products on the "sympathy pitch" meaning I tell you a sob story to play on your emotions to sway your buying decision - OR - if I was going to be that person who tested and experienced the effects of the products I offer and share my honest opinion with you - the customer. Well, being a director of customer service in a former incarnation I found that honesty is the best policy.

So, here I am my own consumer-entrepreneur. So far I have purchased and tested a good number (certainly not all) of the products I offer to quality test them myself. I'm happy to report: I haven't been disappointed. In fact, I've discovered some really cool offerings that I had no idea existed and feel certain my holiday shopping is almost complete. Did you just hear a choir of angels sing? I sure did! Joy!

So, that's what I mean about being a consumer entrepreneur. I'm not going to put something in front of you that I'm not willing to try myself. That's critical to me and to my success and I'm proud to do it.

Moving forward, as the blog settles into a routine, I imagine you'll begin to see helpful tips and ideas for using products, especially food, and handy recipes too. After all, I got into this to do the things I love like cooking and writing, right?

One of the products I represent is Molinaro's Deep Dish Pizza Starter Kit. I have an almost four year old at home and she loves, loves, loves to help me cook so I'm always looking for smart ways to teach her fun, healthy habits. We started simple because we were eager to test the product, but just wait until I get back to the farmer's market:

Its-So-Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza

One Molinaro's Deep Dish Pizza Starter Kit
1 pkg of your favorite pepperoni
1 pkg of your favorite cheese (we prefer six cheese Italian)
and willing hands to pile on toppings

Our first homemade Pepperoni Pizza

No joke, this was fifteen minutes from package to table and it was yummy! So what we dripped a little sauce off the edge of the pizza, it was fun, fast, delicious and something we could do together. Next time, with some of my farmer's market favorites, I can offer even more great pizza ideas.

I'm having a new business Open House on September 15th at 7:00 PM. Come and meet some amazing women, network and eat good food including pizza made using Molinaro's Deep Dish Pizza Starter Kit. It promises to be a great time!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Be Your Own (Fill In The Blank)!

I'll bet you filled in that blank with "boss!" I sure did. We've heard it for years, "It's so simple to become your own boss." Well heck, it sure is! Quit your job and start your own venture! It's that easy. So, why don't we?


Did I hear screams out in cyberspace? Yes folks, fear is what keeps us from achieving anything, ANYTHING in life. Am I kidding? No. Think about it...

© Eric Limon | Dreamstime.com

We have BIG FEARS, but that doesn't stop us from having BIG DREAMS! So take ten minutes out of your life today and write down your dreams - short term, intermediate, and long term. Here are mine:

Short Term (6mos to 1 yr):
  • Secure and income of $30,000 annually
  • Paint Red's room for her birthday
  • Plant a tree and re-do the flower bed at the front of the house
  • Zero debt
  • New roof with a ridge vent and new insulation in the attic.
Intermediate (1 to 2 yrs):
  • Secure and income of $60,000 annually
  • Afford to keep Red in Montessori school
  • Invisalign braces for me
  • Travel to Ireland with Red
Long Term (2 to 3 yrs):
  • Secure income of $100,000 annually
  • Renovate our house and add 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, an office, and enlarge and update the kitchen
  • Take Red, Mom, and Dad to Alaska on vacation
  • Invest in a property at the beach
  • Invest for our future, retirement, college, etc.
Does this seem like an unbelievable list? For someone without a job and a mortgage to pay, sure. But, that's why I became an entrepreneur. Won't you join me?

I'm having a new business Open House on September 15th at 7:00 PM. Come and meet some amazing women, network and eat good food. It promises to be a great time!

Shameless marketing for Wednesday, August 29, 2011: Become your own boss! Come to the Open House to find out how. E-mail me. Visit my iCommerce site. Have a great day!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Why an Entrepreneur?

Another good question for me to answer about myself today. Why did I choose to be an entrepreneur? Well, because I like the rush of experimenting with my life. I love trying new things! I love diversifying my career. I have chosen to do the things that I love most and make them work for a business that is mine! Can you hear the Rocky theme in your head? I can!

I'm excited! I'm going to write and cook and share the things I learn with you so that not only will you get the entertainment value of seeing someone screw up from time to time (not a chance) but you'll get the benefit of hanging out with greatness.

That's me...greatness!

This is me celebrating greatness with my dear friend Linda at Cafe Istanbul here in Decatur. I see myself celebrating the trials as well as the triumphs because that is how I will learn and grow in business. 

So, back to the original question: Why did I choose to be an entrepreneur? Because I want to be the one who picks up and drops off my little girl at school. Because I want to set a positive example for my friends so they will join in my quest for success. Because I want to build new, joyful friendships. Because I want an excuse to entertain, to cook, to write, to invite more joy into my life. Because I want the house at the beach, to never worry about Red's future, to leave her something BIG. Why not let it be about doing good business too? 

So, there you have it. That's why I chose to become an entrepreneur. I'm not afraid to say that anymore. I'm not scared of "no." I am excited about "yes!"

What might keep you from being your own boss? Come on, shoot out an answer or two and I'll invite you to the inaugural dinner.

Your Real Life Entrepreneur,
Lindy Chaffin Start

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Real Life Entrepreneurship

You're probably wondering what the heck Real Life Entrepreneurship is, right? Is it a concept? Is it a blog? Is it an opportunity? The answer to all three of those questions is...YES!

Today is Tuesday, August 23, 2011. I have many things to be grateful for. Do you? I have money to pay a few bills, food in the pantry, and a roof standing strong over my head and my daughter's. This is us:

No resemblance, right?

Here's the thing, I have these dreams, and values, and goals that I want to achieve and guess who is my prime motivator? Little Red here. For her I want to be a positive example of a mother, a friend, a leader (in that order). I want to empower and inspire the people in my life and those who I reach, to be their best selves. I want to experience ultimate joy, selflessness, wealth, success and security for both myself and my daughter through my actions (after all that is all I can control). I want to enjoy the benefit of spiritual peace and abundance.

As Red went off to school a couple of weeks ago and I began to find more time to look for employment (long story short, I need to work to keep me and Red in this house), I started being handed opportunities. It's funny, because if I hadn't been looking they would have found someone else to give life to them. So, this blog is the story of these opportunities come to life.

Besides being Red's mommy and wanting to be that person I outlined above I am a writer who aspires to be published, a graphic designer who loves being on a creative team, a cook who loves food, I treasure music and love to sing, I appreciate art and enjoy painting, and I am a woman who wants to succeed and help other women entrepreneurs enjoy success.

And, there begins my story. What will happen tomorrow? Stop by and see. You might get turned on to a good idea, introduced to a recipe or a new friend, or even get invited to dinner. Until then, I wish for you the most amazing life. Have an inspired day!